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INLITE LED, white, iPhone, Diasonic
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INLITE LED, black, iPhone, Diasonic
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The INLITELED is a very modern piece of art in terms of lighting at the office workplace. The INLITELED has been developed with both modern and sleek estetiques as well as a strongly functional worktool in mind.

Given the options of both dimmable function and color setting function you can simply use the product as personalized as you want.

The preferred settings are bedtime mode (2500K - 3000K), relaxation mode (2500K - 3300K), study mode (6000K - 7000K) and reading mode (4300K - 5300K). The INLITE LED offers a true color rendering CRI status as well over 90. Due to ease of use all settings are done at the base of the fixture by elegant touch buttons on a modern display. The light emitted is prevented from glare due to a diffuser film in the lamp head.

  • Technical specifications:
  • LED technology.
  • Diffuser film to prevent glare.
  • Timer automatically turns of the light in one hour in any mode.
  • Brightness with 5 different settings, 1100L/1000L/900L/750L/600L +/-100L.
  • Color settings in, bedtime mode (2500K - 3000K), relaxation mode (2500K - 3300K), study mode
  • (6000K - 7000K), reading mode (4300K - 5300K).
  • CRI over 90.
  • Ranging from 2500K to 7000K.
  • Brightness of 1100 Lux +/- 100 Lux.
  • Display with touch buttons.
  • USB port for optional charging.
  • Single pack, masterpack of 5 units.